OpenTouch Personal Cloud

What is OpenTouch Personal Cloud?

A revolution in communications applications for enterprise users

OpenTouch Personal Cloud is a rich suite of single-purpose business communications applications for individuals, teams or departments in enterprises of any size. It represents a simple, secure and flexible way of working that completely revolutionizes how employees collaborate and share information.

Works with existing solutions no need to 'rip and replace

OpenTouch Personal Cloud applications are delivered from the cloud: just combine and deploy them as you wish, as an overlay to any communication or network solution. The apps are easy to implement, require minimal time to set up, and will not disrupt existing software. Plus, there’s no risk to service levels and no need to plan a full-scale rollout, which is good news for over-stretched IT departments.

Shift CAPEX to OPEX with no up-front investment required

Personal Cloud applications can be delivered on the communications infrastructure, shifting capital expenditure to operational expenditure (CAPEX to OPEX). Instead of committing to a long term contract with a provider, the cloud-based Application-as-a-Service model offers complete freedom. Managers and IT teams become empowered to provide teams with the tools they really need. And of course, updates, enhancements and new releases come as a standard part of the service.

Total enterprise autonomy add & remove apps, view & control usage

IT managers are empowered to take control of their enterprise applications. In their online dashboard, they can monitor usage and add, remove and modify user accounts. And the mix of applications can change just as fast as project requirements do. Billing is simple: with no up-front investment needed, the flexible ‘pay per user’ model allows the solution to be scaled up or down quickly and easily.

Use it anywhere, at any time, on any device

These cloud-based applications can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, whether it’s a work or personal one. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend means employees are always available and have any-time access to all the rich tools they use during their working day, wherever they are. All mainstream devices are supported, with purpose-built mobile apps and browser-based access.

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